EKAW 2010 workshop


in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday 15 October 2010, from 1 PM to 6 PM

Workshop Proceedings


  • 13:00 Opening of the workshop [Slide]

  • 13:15 Re-use of terminological and ontological resources for the construction of domain ontologies in medicine: a description of two experimental approaches
    Ferdinand Dhombres, Jean Charlet, Laurent Mazuel, Marie-Christine Jaulent. INSERM, U872, ICS, Paris, France [Slide]

  • 13:45 Exploitation of semantic similarity for adaptation of existing terminologies within biomedical area
    Marie Dupuch, Ludovic Trinquart, Isabelle Colombet, Marie-Christine Jaulent, Natalia Grabar. INSERM, U872, University Paris 6/5 France [Slide]

  • 14:15 Semantic, Terminological and Linguistic Interpretation of XBRL
    Tobias Wunner, Paul Buitelaar, Sean O'Brian. DERI, National University of Ireland, Ireland [Slide]

  • 14:45 Coffee break

  • 15:15 Use of Terms and Term-Related Units as Feature Sets for Automatic Text Classification
    Alex C. Fang, Jing Cao. City University of Hong Kong, Chinau [Slide]

  • 15:45 Bootstrapping information extraction mappings by similarity-based reuse of taxonomies
    Martijn Spitters, Remko Bonnema, Mihai Rotaru, Jakub Zavrel. Textkernel BV, The Netherlands [Slide]

  • 16:15 Problems of adapting different types of ontologies
    Daniel Kless. University of Melbourne, Australia

  • 16:45 Closing of the workshop